Plasticparcels documentation#

Welcome to the documentation of plasticparcels.

plasticparcels is a python package for simulating the transport and dispersion of plastics in the ocean. The tool is based on the parcels computational Lagrangian ocean analysis framework, providing a modular and customisable collection of methods, notebooks, and tutorials for advecting virtual plastic particles with a wide range of physical properties.


plasticparcels can be installed using conda from the conda-forge channel with the following command:

conda install conda-forge::plasticparcels

Or downloaded from OceanParcels/plasticparcels

Required Data#

plasticparcels has been developed for use with data from the Copernicus Marine Service, and requires the following data to run:

For the wind and wave data, we recommend using the CDS API.

To run the examples, you will need to update the data directories in settings .json files.

Just like the parcels framework, plasticparcels can be adapted to use other hydrodynamic, biogeochemical, wave, and atmospheric models. If you require assistance, please contact us through the [Discussions page on GitHub](OceanParcels/plasticparcels#discussions).